Legal advice

In our daily lives, each of us occurred or that situation when we needed a high-quality service and qualified lawyer. Today, there are many lawyers who provide citizens free or paid legal advice. In providing such services as on-line consultation every lawyer can’t provide quality and expertise, and you can lost a time and not resolved legal issues.

Chundak lawyer Marianna Vladimirovna, above all, will provide you with competent legal help. You can asking: «Do I should go to the office in person in order to get quality and qualified legal aid?» The answer: «No !!!! Lawyer Marianne V. Chundak will give you advice convenient method for you.»

Legal Advice — is a consultation on the following issues:

Civil law and process.
Commercial law.
Family Law.
Administrative law and process.
Hereditary disputes.
Labor Law.
Tax law.
Criminal law and process.
Representation in court at any stage.

In addition, you can have legal aid online. In email you can ask a question that interests you, send documents for legal analysis, preparation of various applications, petitions, claims, complaints or objections. Also you can have legal advice via Skype.

If you need help, Chundak M.V. can resolve out even the most complicated cases.

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